Jewelry Care

** Please take care not to bathe, immerse in water or engage in strenuous activity or exercise with any of my pieces. Handmade jewelry is delicate, especially pieces containing stones.

Some of my jewelry pieces have a patina. I put a thin layer of Renaissance Wax on all my pieces to help preserve this patina however, oxygen and everyone's chemistry and oils are different and each piece will age differently depending on the individual. If you want to delay the change in patina of your piece, I suggest storing them in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

  • Jewelry should always be put on after products such as hairspray, lotions and oils. 
  • Do not wear jewelry to swim or shower
  • Store your jewelry in a dry, compartmentalized jewelry box or container to avoid dry rot and tarnish.
  • Tarnish is a naturally occurring reaction of the metal alloy and the water and air hat surrounds us. All sterling silver needs to be cleaned periodically. Use a Sunshine Cloth to polish pieces. They can be purchased online.